Custom Personal Assistants Development

  • Personalized consultancy to understand the specific needs and objectives of each client.
  • Creation of personal assistants using RAG technology, integrating client's private data for highly customized responses.
  • Delivery of assistants for different use cases, such as:
    • - customer service
    • - technical support
    • - medical inquiries

Integration of Assistants into Existing Platforms and Systems

  • Evaluation of client's integration needs and their existing systems.
  • Development and implementation of customized integration solutions to ensure a smooth and coherent user experience.
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure interoperability and optimal performance of the assistants across different technological environments.

Subscriptions and Maintenance Services

  • Offering flexible subscription plans to access personalized assistant services continuously.
  • Periodic updates to enhance the accuracy and relevance of the responses provided by the assistants.
  • Dedicated technical support and maintenance services to address issues and ensure smooth operation of the assistants.

Specialized Training and Consultancy

  • Training programs to help clients maximize the potential of their personal assistants.
  • Consultancy services to provide guidance on the best practices for using the assistants effectively.
  • Tailored training and consultancy services to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client.